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Selling a Yacht

If you want to sell or trade your yacht, we provide everything necessary to do the job. By personal inspection, interview, and research we compile and scrutinize all available information and create detailed specifications, layout drawings and photography which is uploaded to the worldwide multiple listing services (unless you require confidentiality).

This information is disseminated worldwide throughout the industry and to prospective buyers. We continually update information as changes occur, i.e. location, price, boat modifications, and sales status. Chamberlain Yachts International maintains reciprocal relationships with all major brokerage firms throughout the world. We communicate with these brokers via telephone, internet, email and multiple listing services.

We always advise our sellers of any meaningful activity on their vessels. We also keep the owner aware of market comparables, and apprised of the market in general. We screen all requested inspections to assure that the prospect is a qualified purchaser, and then coordinate the appointment with the yacht’s crew.

We immediately tender all bona fide offers after verifying that funds are on deposit. Handling all necessary paperwork, organizing surveys, haul-out, sea trial, facilitating documentation, and coordinating legal issues are all part of the services that Chamberlain Yachts provides.