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Shared Yacht Ownership

You know the value of time spent relaxing on a yacht, pampered by five-star service.
You know you’ve worked hard for the resources that afford this lifestyle.
Here’s something you may not know…

Chamberlain Yachts is the only company in the world offering the experience of shared yacht ownership at a fraction of the normal cost; providing yacht shares in professionally-crewed, world-class pedigree yachts, fully-managed by Chamberlain Yachts’ in-house experts.

Economically Sound

Chamberlain Yachts’ fractional ownership program provides a financially sensible alternative to chartering or full yacht ownership. It is a cost effective way to own a yacht without the associated hassles and expenses. Maintenance, staffing, provisioning, itinerary scheduling, upgrading and refurbishments are all factors that an owner normally needs to consider. Chamberlain Yachts manages these issues so that you can enjoy a flawless, trouble-free experience at a fraction of the cost.

This is how it works:

Chamberlain Yachts offers fully-crewed, top-quality yachts which are sold in five equal shares. Owners pay twenty percent of the vessel price plus a monthly maintenance fee. In exchange they have a tangible asset with resale value. It is important to note that in contrast to chartering, which provides no residual value, Chamberlain Yachts’ owners have equity and enjoy pride of ownership.

Only the best:

Chamberlain Yachts’ inventory is comprised of select, professionally-managed and expertly maintained, high-quality new and brokerage yachts. Boats being considered for the program undergo rigorous scrutiny to determine if they qualify. We will not accept yachts that have been designed, equipped, or maintained in a manner inconsistent with program requirements.

Most Chamberlain’s yachts are outfitted with a Jacuzzi, Waverunners, barbeque, dive compressor, kayaks, and other fun toys. All Chamberlain’s yachts come completely equipped for cruising their destinations. This includes tenders, diving and fishing equipment, and of course china, silverware, crystal, DVDs, games, and a top-notch crew that bring it all together.

How it works?