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About Us

A cohesive group offers more than any individual can. Unlike most brokerage firms, Chamberlain Yachts operates as one team serving all of our clients. We meet regularly to discuss the status of our active customers. By pooling our knowledge and time, our clients are better served.

Our expertise is in brokerage, charter, and management of large yachts. We have a support staff of charter brokers, yacht management personnel, assistants, and an in-house concierge. Focused on the superyacht market, our firm specializes in yachts over one hundred feet. We are not all things to all people, but we are professionals at what we do. Call us; you have nothing to lose and a whole team to gain.

Kent Chamberlain

At eight years old Kent built his first boat from a large piece of Styrofoam that washed ashore, some driftwood, and a bed sheet. Setting off from the beach, he learned one of his first lessons in boating and life when he arrived on the opposite shore with no way to get back. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll only go where the wind blows. That lesson became part of his business philosophy; don’t start what you can’t finish, and don’t offer what you can’t deliver. From racing sailboats to working as a deckhand and later a captain, Kent has always been involved in boats.

Shortly after completing college at Denver University in 1979, Kent Chamberlain started his career in yacht sales in San Diego at Jack Dorsee Sailboats. Since then, he has been in management or ownership positions for most of his career. He started San Diego Yacht Sales in 1985 and remained there until he sold the company when he moved to Ft. Lauderdale in 1996. Shortly after arriving he became General Manager of Merle Wood & Associates. A few years later, he held the same post at Bradford Yacht Sales. Kent was also Vice President of the Florida-based yacht builder Westship, just prior to starting Chamberlain Yachts in 2003. Kent took a brief hiatus in 2021 to become interim CEO at Merle Wood & Associates, but then returned as President of Chamberlain Yachts. He is also founder and Chairman of the Superyacht Network, a private group of elite superyacht brokers who meet monthly to share market information and insights. Dedicated to ethical business practices and delivering on commitments made, Kent and the Chamberlain Yachts’ team are always focused on their client’s best interest.