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Charter Itineraries


We all have our romantic, idealistic visions of the Caribbean. Incredibly, they are all true! It surely is a melting pot of the world’s most vibrant cultures, ringing with the sounds of music ranging from Europe and Africa, to South America. There was widespread cutlass action for hundreds of years and there almost certainly still is buried treasure waiting to be discovered. But its greatest treasure has never been hidden; it is, quite simply, one of the loveliest places on earth.


As the westernmost islands pf the Mediterranean, the Balearics have a longer charter season of fine weather. But more than anything, charter guests remember the spectacular anchorages, the clear blue waters and the palm-shaded beaches. They return home with memories of balmy winds, warm water, and skies full of stars at night.

New England

It's no mental leap to imagine bustling wharves, sailing ships with trimmed yards unloading cargo from the four corners of the world, whaling ships and small trading schooners. The waterfront action of those days remains, but currently yachts of every configuration compete for mooring space with the vestiges of the commercial fishing and lobster industries. Many of the taverns that once catered to a more elemental trade remain, but many of the old waterfront buildings now house the finest restaurants and upscale boutiques.

The Bahamas

Ahhh, the Bahamas - a paradise just off the Florida coast! The Bahamas 100,000 square mile archipelago stretches over 500 miles of the most crystal-clear water in the world. A Bahamas itinerary promises an unforgettable yachting experience.