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Yacht Management & Crew

Chamberlain Yachts management team provides many services, but has only one focus; ensuring that captains, crew, and owners have the best possible yachting experience.
The laws and regulations governing the operation and transitioning of yachts have changed dramatically over recent years, increasing the complexity and technical requirements of managing a large yacht. More than ever captains need land-based support. It is no longer possible to handle all aspects of management from the helm.

Yacht Management Five Distinct Services:

Logistics and Purchasing

Next to safety, owner enjoyment is generally a captain’s number one priority. When juggling itineraries, provisioning, dockage, customs requirements, maintenance, weather conditions, and crew needs, it is often difficult to provide an owner with the level of service that a captain would like to deliver. Chamberlain Yachts helps reduce this burden by managing any or all operating logistics including:

  • Provisioning

  • Home Port & Transient Dockage

  • Yacht Transportation

  • Customs, Documentation, and Legal Support

  • Insurance Coordination & Settlement Resolution

  • Parts & Equipment Ordering & Warehousing (fleet pricing)

  • Fuel Bunkering (fleet pricing)

  • Repair & Maintenance Scheduling

  • Weather Forecasting Service

  • Complete Shoreside Concierge Services

Maintenance and Planning

Regular scheduled maintenance is critical to the proper operation, safety, asset protection, and long-term enjoyment of a yacht. Our technical staff will design and implement a detailed maintenance plan, and create a manual with photographs and instructions for every on-board system, ensuring that all crew, including new hires, can easily learn and complete tasks on a timely basis. These services include:

  • Maintenance System Design

  • Technical Crew Training

  • New Construction Management

  • Maintenance Program Scheduling

  • Shipyard & Refit Planning & Supervision

  • Detailed Monitoring of On-board Systems

Crew Services

Having a knowledgeable and well-trained crew is essential to the proper operation, maintenance and ultimately, owner enjoyment of a yacht. Chamberlain Yachts Crew Services Division conducts multi-level in-depth interviews with all prospective crew, followed by background checks and suitability screening to ensure that each crew member is properly matched to the yacht and owner. We also provide services directly to yacht crew. Our services include:

  • Crew Screening & Placement

  • Negotiation of Crew Contracts & Salaries

  • Land-based Crew Support

  • Health Insurance

  • Crew Temping

  • Mail Forwarding

  • Crew Transportation

  • Travel Planning & Accommodations


Chamberlain Yachts has a full-time in-house accounting staff who understand the special needs associated with yachting. From multi-national crew payrolls to charter escrow accounting, we provide our clients with detailed monthly, and annual statements so that all expenses and revenue can be easily reviewed and understood. The following services are available:

  • International Crew Payroll

  • Escrowing Funds

  • Charter Reconciliations

  • Billing Services

  • Detailed Financial Accounting & Analysis

  • Negotiation & Payment of Invoices

  • Worldwide Funding for APA & Petty Cash

  • Credit & Debit Card Services

  • Tax Calculation And Payment

Safety Management

As yachts have grown in size and sophistication, so have the laws and regulations that govern them. The landscape of recreational yachting has been changed by technology and the influence of the commercial shipping industry. Flag states now enforce compliance from all yachts engaged in commerce (charter). It now takes a team of experts to manage a yacht.
Chamberlain Yachts’ management staff is intimately familiar with IMO, ISM, SOLAS, ISPS and MCA requirements. Knowing how these regulations apply to various vessels and classes allows us to support the captain in obtaining and maintaining compliance with these codes. Chamberlain Yachts provides technical and logistical shore-based support as follows:

  • Ensure That Hired Crew Are Fully-Compliant With The Vessel’s Manning Requirements

  • SSO (Ships Security Officer) Training

  • Provide A Shore-Based CSO (Company Security Officer)

  • Support The Captain In Complying With All Flag State And Code Requirements

  • Verify Compliance With Flag States Regulatory Code

  • Classification Society Audits

  • Creation Of The SSA (Ships Security Assessment)

  • Oversee Compliance Of HSAS (Homeland Security Advisory System)